Australia Telescope Online Archive

Welcome to the Australia Telescope Online Archive (ATOA). The ATOA provides access to:

  • Australia Telescope Compact Array unprocessed data taken between 3 Jun 1990 and 12 Jul. 2024;
  • Mopra (mostly MOPS) unprocessed data taken between 10 May 1998 and 12 Jul. 2024;
  • Parkes unprocessed spectral line and continuum data taken between 18 Apr 1991 and and 08 Jan. 2023;
  • VLBI correlated long baseline data taken from Nov 1993 onwards;
  • Data products from several surveys with the Mopra Telescope.

To login: The ATOA uses the OPAL user account system. To register with OPAL and the ATOA, change your account details, or to reset your password, see the links on the OPAL Home Page.

The ATOA Search produces a list of matching files or a summary list of observations. To download data files requires an OPAL user account and password access. Access to data files is subject to the ATNF data access conditions.

The ATOA supports Firefox and Internet Explorer. If you have any problems using the ATOA then please use the Contact Us link to send an email to the ATOA and OPAL adminstrators.

ATOA News (August 2016):

The ATOA and the ATOA Users Guide have recently been upgraded to facilitate downloads of large files and large numbers of files, and to provide support for large-scale searches.

In addition to the standard search form, ATOA metadata describing observations carried out with ATNF facilities, can now be explored using Virtual Observatory services. Please see the ATOA Users Guide for information and instructions.